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Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters (PICCs)

Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters (PICCs) are a vital and expanding form of intravenous catheter access. In recent years, the PICC market has experienced a surge of technological advancements from medical manufacturers, increasing the demand for the PICC as a treatment modality and requires advanced skill sets from healthcare professionals, to achieve the desired outcomes for the benefits of the patient and the medical group’s own expansion.

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PICC Services

Improve Patient Outcomes

  • U.S. Infusion Nurses are required to have two or more years of vascular access experience and must exceed the Infusion Nurses Society (INS) recommended guidelines for training and competency.

  • U.S. Infusion Nurses are required to use Ultrasound on all insertions. The use of Ultrasound is now endorsed by the Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Cost Effective Solution

  • No Place, No Charge GUARANTEE. U.S. Infusion is compensated only on successful PICC insertions.
  • U.S. Infusion can save you up to 35% vs. in-house PICC teams.
  • U.S. Infusion is a true ‘Independent Contractor, which will significantly reduce your liability relating to PICC line placement
  • U.S.Infusion offers Outpatient and pre-surgical insertion services, reducing potential intra-operative vascular access complications and expands your current outpatient services without additional costs of personnel.

Our Commitment

Some other things to consider when evaluating U.S. Infusion over other outside PICC Line programs:

  • Provides different options including:
    – A Flat Full Service Fee: covers all equipment and labor.
    – Individual equipment/supplies pricing.
    – Charges for service only. This covers each successful PICC placement.
  • Currently serves more than 120 hospitals and facilities. All our hospitals have credentialing available on each nurse. Each of our nurses is self-insured.
  • Nurses are required to maintain a 90% or above success rate, with an overall team total success rate at 98+%.
  • Infection and DVT rate is less than 1% (1 per 1000) of overall placements (based on hospital reported data).
  • Provides a teaching guide and personal, one-on-one instructions both in English and Spanish for all patients.
  • Provides both in and outpatient services, and is committed to EVAM thereby reducing a patient’s length of stay.
  • Stands by a MONEY BACK guarantee for all our products and services.
  • Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in most areas. We’re easy to contact and guarantee quick response time.