U.S. Infusion began in 1998 as a training and support company for hospitals and physicians specializing in PICC line placement. Since then, U.S. Infusion has grown into a broader, full service PICC line placement and central line management company for long term care, pharmacies, home care and acute and longterm hospitals.
With centers expanding across the United States, U.S. Infusion is an efficient, cost effective, top quality solution to your entire PICC Insertion and Service needs.
Chief Executive Officer: John E. Davis has over 22 years of nursing experience, with 11 years of Infusion Therapy. Through his foresight and leadership, U.S. Infusion has expanded to over 60 facilities, with satellite offices opening across the country. A published author and industry thought leader, John will continue to lead U.S. Infusion and improve PICC outcomes across the country.

Medical Directors: U.S. Infusion utilizes local Medical Directors, to improve regional management of each satellite office.