Improve Patient Outcomes
  • U.S. Infusion Nurses are required to have two or more years of vascular access experience and must exceed the Infusion Nurses Society (INS) recommended guidelines for training and competency.
  • U.S. Infusion Nurses are required to use Ultrasound on all insertions. The use of Ultrasound is now endorsed by the Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Cost Effective Solution
  • No Place, No Charge GUARANTEE. U.S. Infusion is compensated only on successful PICC insertions.
  • U.S. Infusion can save you up to 35% vs. in-house PICC teams.
  • U.S. Infusion is a true ‘Independent Contractor, which will significantly reduce your liability relating to PICC line placement
  • U.S.Infusion offers Outpatient and pre-surgical insertion services, reducing potential intra-operative vascular access complications and expands your current outpatient services without additional costs of personnel.
Some other things to consider when evaluating U.S. Infusion over other outside PICC Line programs:
  • Provides different options including:
    – A Flat Full Service Fee: covers all equipment and labor.
    – Individual equipment/supplies pricing.
    – Charges for service only. This covers each successful PICC placement.
  • Currently serves more than 120 hospitals and facilities. All our hospitals have credentialing available on each nurse. Each of our nurses is self-insured.
  • nurses are required to maintain a 90% or above success rate, with an overall team total success rate at 98+%.
  • Infection and DVT rate is less than 1% (1 per 1000) of overall placements (based on hospital reported data).
  • Provides a teaching guide and personal, one-on-one instructions both in English and Spanish for all patients.
  • Provides both in and outpatient services, and is committed to EVAM thereby reducing a patient’s length of stay.
  • Stands by a MONEY BACK guarantee for all our products and services.
  • Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in most areas. We’re easy to contact and guarantee quick response time.